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About Marie

In 2005, Marie Kukula-Tyner and her husband Michael moved from Southern California to a 10-acre ranch in the mountains of northeastern Washington in attempt to simplify their lives, live more creatively, and reconnect with nature.


Leaving behind careers in the publishing and entertainment industries, the Tyners set out to create a new life that was meaningful and fulfilling. This led them to write THE SPIRIT FACTOR, which was released in January 2017, a book that redefines spirit in a simple yet (r)evolutionary way that is realistic, accessible, all-inclusive, and relevant to the world we live in today.

In 2020, Marie was diagnosed with cancer and went through 6 months of grueling treatment for it. She has been cancer free since early 2021. Feeling as though she got a second chance in life, she since has been working on many creative projects, including launching an online store with her original designs and photography on products for home, office, school, body, and life. The store is called ENLIFENMENT and the website for it is:

Marie and Michael recently started filming videos for Marie's poems in the studio Michael built in a building on their property. The studio is called 1200 Miles from Hollywood, since their home in Washington is 1200 miles from where they used to live in Hollywood. In January 2022, Marie auditioned for America's Got Talent with a poem called "Beginnings and Ends" that she wrote while going through chemotherapy.


Marie has had several of her poems recorded as songs. A video for the song created from her poem "Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth" can be viewed on the Tyners' YouTube channel TYNER CREATIVE. Videos for Marie's poems can also be viewed on their channel.

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