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ENLIFENMENT is a lifestyle brand that includes inspirational gifts and nature-inspired fashion for fitness, fun, and life! All designs were created by Marie Kukula-Tyner and are exclusive to the ENLIFENMENT store. 

Marie started ENLIFENMENT as she was healing from cancer and chemo in 2021. She used pictures she had taken in her garden and of the sunflower fields planted as crops near where she lives to create The EARTH LOVE and FLOWER LOVE Collections, which include large-scale flower and earth element designs on lightweight beanies/chemo hats, rash guards, tank tops, tank dresses, and yoga leggings.

The ENLIFENMENT Retro Collection includes Marie's simple, colorful hand-drawn artwork accompanied by inspirational sayings, on mugs, mouse pads, tote bags, and posters.

The word love. collection has one-word black-and-white designs on mugs, mouse pads, and tote bags.

Marie sees ENLIFENMENT as more than just a brand; she sees it as a movement to make people's lives, and the world, more fun and beautiful, helping them to Live Life in Full Bloom!


TSF New Book Cover Front Only 7-16-2018.jpg

THE SPIRIT FACTOR redefines spirit in a simple yet (r)evolutionary way that is realistic, accessible, all-inclusive, and relevant to the world we live in today. Marie Kukula-Tyner and her husband Michael spent over  eight years challenging their beliefs about life, death, God, and spirit to create a reality-based approach to living a meaningful, spiritual life that is free from all gatekeepers, dogma, and man-made agendas. Unlike the many religious and self-help philosophies that involve hoping, praying, and waiting, THE SPIRIT FACTOR puts the power to transform your life in your hands by:


  • identifying the eleven most common obstructions to spirit and explaining how they limit your perception, preventing you from seeing “reality” and reaching your full potential;


  • guiding you through the process of removing these obstructions and integrating spirit into your life;


  • describing the potential and possibility to create exponential change both in your life and in the world by living a life of “Unobstructed Spirit (US)”.


The Tyners call THE SPIRIT FACTOR their love letter to mankind and a howl out to their pack. Will you answer their call?

Music Video: "Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth"

A collaboration by vocalist Stephen B. Steward, pianist Joe Rozum, and poet Marie Kukula-Tyner, this song takes the listener on a moving journey through a forest on a beautiful snowy morning … somewhere between heaven and earth.

Music: "Somewhere Between Heaven and Earth" Single

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